Introducing Drunkin Donuts by STK

National Doughnut Day (June 6th) is right around the corner, and we wanted to give you a sneak peek of the latest creation to come from STK Corporate Pasty Chef Abbie White.

Set to launch nationally this week, there is no better way to get the party started than to try one of these boozy treats.

Passionate about cooking traditional desserts, Chef White creates the nostalgic kind of desserts that remind you of being a kid, but with an added twist. “What’s more reminiscent of childhood than a jelly doughnut? I created this adult only doughnut as a way to combine two popular guilty pleasures, desserts and drinks.”

Filled with Raspberry Chambord Jelly and topped with a Rum Glaze, Drunkin Donuts are truly a party in a box. Take things to the next level by dipping in our delicious liquor sauces, Chocolate Frangelico and Coconut Lime Mint.