Movie Review: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Director: Marc Webb

Writer: Alex Kurtzman

Cast: Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx, and Dane Dehaan

In this sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man Peter Parker is struggling to juggle his personal life and his duty to the citizens of NYC. As a result his relationship with on again off again girlfriend Gwen is suffering and failing miserably.  In addition to all his teenage angst, he is only 18, he must also contend with a new threat: Electro, a ball of pure electric energy created by an industrial accident at Oscorp hell bent on killing the Spider Man.

This action packed romp through New York is a thrilling spectacle of CGI magic. This film is also a bit of a tear jerker. Ordinarily we can count on super heros maintaining a tough exterior in the face of impossible choices and hardships, however this Spiderman is not afraid to cry. For most of the film Spidey’s emotions get the best of him and simply let’s the tears flow, given all that he must put up with it is understandable but not expected in the least. Luckily Jamie Foxx as Electro provides some laughs early on as the lonely, timid Max and then the adrenaline pumping action scenes after his evolution into Electro.  To watch Foxx go from mousy Max to all powerful Electro is a real treat.  One of our favorite scenes in the film is the first meeting of Max and Spidey, the two rivals have a fun moment as Spidey tries to help fix Max’s come-over.

In addition to Foxx, Emma Stone makes a powerful performance as the beautiful Gwen. Her connection to Peter parker and resentment of Spiderman is evident and well played out. In an early scene she finally has had enough of being second to the city and reluctantly ends her relationship with Peter. Her eyes well up and it is indeed a Kleenex worthy moment. Take a chance and go see it, it’s a good movie for all ages and an easy choice for the family it has romance, action and drama it’s the whole package. Don’t forget your tissues, if you are emotional like Spiderman you are going to need them.