Is It Just Me or Did New York Fashion Week SUCK?!

OK fashion lovers, I must vent for a few minutes. This past New York Fashion Week was a absolute mess. Here’s why:

Weeks prior to fashion week, rumors were swirling that IMG would not approve credentials for a lot of bloggers. Slowly but surely a few of my fellow bloggers said they were denied credentials. mswhaWhat problem does this solve? The entire credential process is a sham if you were to ask me. What’s the point of spending $80 ($100 if it’s late) on a plastic card that gives you no real access to “the tents”? Access to the lobby (if you have invitation) and a designer contact list is not worth it. If you’re a legitimate blogger, chances are you will know who to contact for invitation request and can easily gain access to “the tents” by showing your invitation. Save your $80 for a new pair of shoes. For the record, we do not register for credentials.

The check in process at the Lincoln Center tents was very reminiscent of a airport. I thought I had to take off my shoes and go through a metal detector before being allowed inside.

iquitSeriously, the check process gets two thumbs way down! What’s the point of showing our tickets four or five times before we get into the venue? There should be a check point to enter the venue, then scanning upon entering the show. Some say the lobby wasn’t as congested because of the new entry procedures. I think it was because the new “rules” discouraged press from attending.

The standing line (sigh).


There is nothing worse than the god awful standing line. Why make the standing guest wait for almost an hour to go inside? If you’re a invited guests, you should be treated equally and allowed inside with everyone else. Maybe then the shows will be close to starting on time.

Dear PR firms, after having a lengthy conversation with my fellow bloggers, we despise the dreaded “Standing” seating assignment. Especially when you BEG us to fill in seats or move down a few rows because your “seated guests” were a no show. We are just as important as (dare I say it) print publications. It’s no secret that there were a TON of empty seats at show this season. hmmm I wonder why? Additionally, security treats standing room guest like crap!

Kudos to the PR firms that take good care of me and my team each season! ((cue Liz Lemon high five)))

Speaking of the IMG security, why must they be so rude and downright nasty at times.

meaniesTo be fair, not all of them are this way but some could use a chill pill. After all you don’t want to piss off the press.

The overall design of the tents were not very inviting. I thought I was on set of American Horror Story: Coven. It was entirely too dark in the tents. I did however enjoy the Pavilion tent, what a beautiful addition to the venue.

Bloggers cannot tweet, instagram, facebook, etc with our fully charged gadgets. There should be more charging stations in the tents. The few they had this season were not easy to find and did not work most of the time. Also, did anyone else have to search high and low for the freakin’ wifi password? Super annoying!

Despite the brutal winter and fashion shows being spread out, we found the offsite presentation to be more enjoyable than the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week tents at Lincoln Center. Hopefully and god willing, IMG will get their act together in time for September’s New York Fashion Week. That’s if they can get the press to return.



  • I absolutely agree with you. The new dark cove aka the tents were not inviting and it almost made me hesitant to go in.

    After waiting online at show for 30 minutes, I was beyond pissed to hear that the show was filled to capacity, already started, and we were told we couldn’t get in. Um, why approve us then tell us we can’t get in?

    Anywho, here’s to hoping that September is much better

  • I could not agree more. I’ve said this in the past and I will say it again, I ALWAYS enjoy off-site shows more than I do shows inside the tents. The process is ridiculous. I say this as someone who has worked behind the scenes and press for a numerous amount of fashion week events. They need to do better. In general I dislike Lincoln Center as a venue for fashion week. I heard after the contract ends fashion week may be moving. I hope with that comes a more streamlined, engaging and appreciative process for press and all guests attending.

    P-S: You hit the nail on the head with the standing line process and the guards. They need major chill pills. It’s a fashion show not the White House.

    Yanni D.

  • OMG YES YES AND YES! Okay so I’ve been approved the past 5 seasons for creds and this season was denied. at first I was pissed and then as rumors swirled around and NYFW happened I was actually relied that they didn’t take my $80. I still went to the shows I wanted to see (thanks to being a legit blogger and having my contacts). You are totally right that the price is NOT worth the “creds.” See here’s my deal with standing I don’t mind standing I think major publications and buyers should get seats. Here is where I get mad…the bloggers that don’t cover the shows that get seats or worst front row. I don’t give a good s*** if you have a million followers why do you get to sit front row and sit back and enjoy. While there are us bloggers who are hustling and doing actual work. AND who take their own photos (ie me!). Another thing about standing…don’t make me stand outside in the freezing cold…then allow me entrance to a show where I can not even see anything. Whats the purpose? How about the PR companies don’t over full a show? Fashion Week has become a serious circus and its not because of bloggers. It comes down to IMG and PR companies. They allow bloggers who either have a big following but don’t do jack sit front row or admit bloggers that make up their stats. Lets be honest we know that there are bloggers out there that you can obv tell from the look of their blog that they are making their stats up. All I say is do your homework PR. Take a chance on bloggers who actually cover shows. Not to say every PR company is doing this, there are PR companies who are loyal and know who does the work. Just wished IMG and other PR firms saw that.