Hotels With Awesome Features

Every now and then, a person goes on vacation and stays at a hotel that blows their socks off because of the wonderful features they found inside. As an extreme, this can be an underwater hotel with windows that look into an aquarium, or less unusual hotels with themed apartments and rooms.

Five incredible hotels

The La Balade des Gnomes Hotel in Belgium (pictured above) has designed its accommodation around myths and fairy tales, having as its motto, ‘All that you can imagine is real’. There are ten rooms, including a two-story one that is designed as a Trojan horse, with the interior made almost exclusively out of wood. Another is called the Macquarie Island where the room is in the shape of a boat seemingly floating on water, complete with a sandy beach – all indoors. Also available are suites that feature wooden toadstools for seating, skies filled with glowing stars and fairy-tale style crooked windows.

If one does not mind a bit of screaming on vacation, then the New York New York hotel in Las Vegas has a roller coaster that goes right through the building. It has a 180-degree twist and dive maneuver, and is open to anyone over 5’4” high. Those planning to get married can literally take the plunge by tying the knot on the ride, whilst travelling at 67mph.

There are some hotels where the bar is so special it is the only place to go to unwind. London has quite a few of these that evoke nostalgic memories of early twentieth century opulence. One such is the Bassoon Bar at the Corinthia Hotel in Westminster, the heart of British politics. The bar has an Art Deco interior, while the drinks are named after the heady days of Empire. It is most renowned for its cocktails, which are very expensive but worth the money. A main feature of this place is that the grand piano also doubles as a bar.

Then there are the hotels that cater for the sportier of guests, such as the Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel in Chicago. Here, guests can indulge in the usual activities of swimming or going to the gym, but can also enjoy a game of basketball on their very own court, that is half the size of a professional court. It has been so cleverly designed a sporty guest could almost wish they could take it home with them. Perhaps they could with these types of basketball courts at Nothing is impossible.


Those wanting to holiday in Canada can try accommodation that changes every year at the Ice Hotel in Quebec. Here, during the months of January through to March, the rooms are constructed entirely of ice, only to melt and be re-built in a different style the following year. The temperature inside the room varies between -3 and -5 degrees Celsius, so it may not be for those who like warmth, but at least the four-foot thick walls protect against the wind. Those who are not brave enough to spend the night can enjoy a special tour and drinks and stay at the nearby lodge.