A Christmas Story: The Musical [Review]

This year instead of watching your favorite holiday film on cable or dvd, take a chance on a live action production of an American classic. 1983’s A Christmas Story has been reformatted as a musical and will appear for a limited engagement this holiday season. A Christmas Story is the take an incredibly memorable holiday in the life of Ralphie Parker an imaginative young boy with a habit of day dreaming. All Ralphie wants for Christmas is a gun, an official Red Ryder Carbine-Actions 200-shot Range Model Air Rifle to be precise.  In his quest to gain this toy Ralphie is willing to absolutely anything and finds himself in zany situations as a result. The story is told by an older wiser Ralphie who recalls thus particular holiday with great reverence and joy.


The play opened just last week at the theater in Madison Square Garden. The full house of excited spectators were treated to a visually stunning masterpiece filled with catchy musical numbers written by Benj Pasek & Justin Paul choreographed by Warren Carlyle. The child actors in this production are especially notable as their talent belies their young age. Fans of the original film will marvel at the new take in their favorite scenes. With the exception of the additional musical numbers the play does not stray from the original film, even the slow motion sequences are captured on stage with hilarious affect. For those new to Ralphie’s tale the musical will be an eye opening  romp into the mind of a little boy and the crazy characters that surround him. Prepare to be dazzled by “Ralphie to The Rescue” a clever energetic song depicting a wild west scenario from Ralphie’s over active imagination.


Another favorite is “You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out” a spectacular number with some of the best dancing we have seen in some time, prepare to be amazed by the unbelievable talent showcased by one of the youngest cast members. The production also includes appearances by a duo of gorgeous hounds who chase Mr. Parker all over the set. A play for children if all ages it is a spirited fun glimpse at holidays past and the chance to make new memories. Get out and see this one before its too late! The curtains close on this production on December 29th. For ticket pricing and showtimes visit http://achristmasstorythemusical.com/