Chocolate Takes Over The Grand Hyatt New York

The Grand Hyatt Hotel in NYC has launched an exclusive line of chocolates for its upscale cafe, Market. The miniature eatery is in the lobby of the grand hotel and features a selective list of treats including the signature sweets. These chocolates aren’t mere Hershey bar knockoffs, these are gourmet chocolates lovingly created by pastry chef Gonzalo Jimenez. Chef Gonzalo doesn’t merely provide bars, he creates edible pieces of fine art. Along with delicious bars the chef has also created truffles in a variety of flavors each with a signature color and designed to resemble Chihuly glass.  Dale Chihuly is a renowned American glass sculptor whose work features bold colors and deep swirls, Chef Gonzalo pays homage to the glass master with his vibrant truffles.


Though the chef does offer chocolate bars, these aren’t the typical branded bars. Chef Gonzalo takes the sweet confection to the next level by enhancing each bar with complimentary flavors. Each type of chocolate is enhanced with a signature set of enhancers. The enhancers are found on the bottom of each bar. The white chocolate is enhanced by crunchy chocolate pearls and dried cherries. The milk chocolate is enhanced with candied orange and cereal.  Having experienced these fab treats at the official launch party this Tuesday we can tell you first hand that it is some of the best chocolate we have ever tasted. But why take our word for it?  The line is on sale now at the Grand Hyatt, drop by and give it a try.  While you are there picking up some for yourself grab a gift set for the chocolate lover or foodie on your holiday shopping list.