Seth Meyers Hosted Worldwide Orphans Gala

Earlier this week the uber talented Seth Meyers, alongside his wife Alexi came out to support Worldwide Orphans at their 9th Annual Gala in at Cipriani in NYC. Other notables included Elie Tahari, Diane von Furstenberg, Glamour Editor-In-Chief Cindi Leive, Ann Curry, Top Chef Master Sang Yoon, NY Jets David Nelson, Alison & Howard Lutnick,  Sarah Hughes, Sara Ziff, Chris Del Gatto & Veronica Webb and many more. The evening honored exceptional Worldwide Orphans ambassadors including long-time supporter Diane von Furstenberg and Dr. Sophie Mengistu, WWO Ethiopia Country Director.

Worldwide Orphans Gala Hosted By Seth Meyers (6)

There were certainly some light moments throughout the night, though. Before walking the blue carpet, fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg helped Dr. Jane Aronson tie her signature DVF wrap dress that Jane had put on incorrectly with the help of her two sons. Amy Poehler shared a video expressing the need for people to donate as it makes them skinny, but also shared that she was so upset that she couldn’t attend as Seth has a restraining order against her.

Worldwide Orphans Gala Hosted By Seth Meyers (5)

Finally, Seth Meyers recounted the time he got a flat tire in Dr. Jane Aronson’s driveway and how Jane coerced the gas station attendant to replace it.  For her help, Jane playfully suggested that Seth host the November 18th gala; he so happily agreed.

Worldwide Orphans Gala Hosted By Seth Meyers (2)Worldwide Orphans Gala Hosted By Seth Meyers

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