NYC’s Newest Hotspot: Monarch Rooftop Lounge

We have been hearing so many great things about Monarch Rooftop Lounge. I first heard of the establishment when I was invited to attend a Mercedes Benz Fashion Week after party but sadly could not make it. Thankfully just a few short weeks later I got a second chance and made sure to clear my schedule.

Upon entering the 5,000 square feet space, I was immediately impressed with the decor.

Monarch Rooftop Lounge (7)
The Scandinavian-chic décor, designed by Natalia Todorova of Gwathmey, Seigal, Kaufman Architects, features an indoor lounge that radiates glamour and allures with seductive appeal, seamlessly connecting to the exterior oasis with sliding floor to ceiling glass doors.

 I could not wait to try some items from the menu, starting with the West Indian Buckeye.Monarch Rooftop Lounge

If you like your drinks strong after a long day, definitely try this cocktail. Jamaican Rum, Orange Curacao, Spiced Grenadine, Bitters, and a Orange Peel make up this concoction.

Monarch Rooftop Lounge (12)

If you’re into spicy drinks, we recommend the Spicy Firetip. It’d contents include reposaldo tequila, jalapeno syrup, lemon juice,  and of course a jalapeno. Despite the spiciness, the flavors of the cocktail makes it quite enjoyable. This would be perfect for the chilly weather that’s upon us.

Monarch Rooftop Lounge 15

The Esmeralda Longtail consist of cardamom infused cachaca, fresh lemon juice, ginger syrup, ginger beer, bitters, and mint sprig. This is a drink for everyone. It not too sweet and not too bitter. It was mixed to perfection when I sampled it. The flavor of the mint sprig adds the little kick it needs.

Of course we could not leave with out trying some of the food.

Monarch Rooftop Lounge (3)

The Beef Meatballs and Polenta were succulent and flavorful.

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My absolute favorite of the evening was the Lamb Rack. These babies taste as good as they looked. The meat was tender and juicy, I could not just have one. They also go well with cocktails like the Esmeralda Longtail or the Monarch.

Other food items I would recommend is the Shrimp and Chive Dumplings.

Monarch Rooftop Lounge (2)

You can’t go wrong with these dumplings. Add a little sauce to enhance the flavors.

I found the portions at Monarch Rooftop Lounge to be plentiful and worth every penny. The menu has a lot more to offer, so I would suggest you explore what they have to office. The cocktail menu is a great place to start. There is truly something for everyone. I would recommend this chic location for a chill after work spot, gatherings with friends, or a fun date night.

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The panoramic views of the New York City skyline alone will grab your attention and have you snapping pictures throughout the night. Nightlife impresario Ric Addison says, “Monarch will provide guests with first rate service and remain on the pulse of New York’s top nightlife trends”.

Monarch Rooftop Lounge is located at 71 West 35th Street in New York City on the 18th Floor.