Ernest Alexander & Bespoken Spring 2014 Collections

Right on the edge of New York Fashion Week, American menswear brands BESPOKEN and Ernest Alexander showcased their S/S 2014 collections. The location was lofty. The energy was inescapable. And, the clothes proved why both brands are quickly rising on the New York fashion scene. Both brands borrow heavily from European style. But, where they really succeed is in creating American twists. The easiness and attention to details really Americanize both citizen brands.

BESPOKEN’s S/S 2014 collection shows a great deal of ambition. Their color palate ranges from several shades of blue to greens and some black pieces mixed in. There’s a since of casual fashionability within their line, and it isn’t missed within the pieces for this collection. Buttondown shirts are paired with sweatshorts. Baseball caps are paired with suits. And pops of leather appear on bombers and sweats. In between these eccentric looks, we get some throwaways such as the simple button down, sweatshort combinations.


But, the highlights still shine bright. Sweat-trousers. Need i saw more? In two of their final looks, BESPOKEN shows black trousers featuring drawstring waists and elastic ankles. Paired with a suit jacket and a tie, the looks manage to capture ease and sophistication. The same ease and sophistication the young brand is becoming synonymous with.

Directly downstairs from the BESPOKEN showing was the Ernest Alexander S/S 2014 collection. With a more formal look on spring, Ernest Alexander’s work modernizes very traditional looks.


What was really adored was the splash of prints. The camouflage print bags and the floral print shirt and shorts brought a spring vibe that was still fresh and fashionable. Producing bags for men in any collection has now become a must. Mixing in the camo print into the bag was just simply intelligent. The monotone looks also arrived right on trend. They are often styled with some sort of contrast that makes the monotone stand out even starker.


Both brands seem to be rising forces in menswear. The pieces look fashionable and current yet masculine and easy. Most men want to dress this way but don’t know how. But, with sweat-trousers, mixed fabric leather bombers, and camo print totes, it’s so much easier.