Review: Jekyll & Hyde On Broadway

Director: Jeff Calhoun

Writer: Leslie Bricusse (Book and Lyrics), Frank Wildhorn (Music)

Cast: Constantine Maroulis, Deborah Cox, Teal Wix

Broadway’s latest play is a revival of the classic tale Jekyll & Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson. The familiar tale is that of London Doctor, Henry Jekyll, a mild mannered physician who seeks to cure his mentally ill father. His quest leads him to a life changing experiment that splits his psyche in two. Dr. Jekyll is a passionate physician who devotes countless hours to finding a cure for madness. He is a well respected member of the community with a loving fiancee and expanding career. His 2nd persona the murderous Mr. Hyde is a brash brazen lunatic hell bent on taking over his life. The alter ego goes on a violent rampage forcing Dr. Jekyll into the fight of his life.

3.182796Deborah Cox portrays a prostitute named Lucy who befriends the noble Dr. and becomes the unwillingly object of the madman’s obsession. The play is a sweeping epic with high energy pop rock vocals from Constantine and Cox. Separately the two performers delight audiences with their signature booming voices, together the duo create magic on stage with their steamy chemistry. Though there is some violence and sexual content, children ages 10 and up may attend. The subject matter and accents may be hard for their minds to grasp but the action scenes may make it more enjoyable. This musical is only available for a limited run and will close at the end of June.  Tickets start at $50.