Restaurant Review: Cherrywood Kitchen

Location: 300 Spring Street

Cuisine: Refined Americana

Best Dish: You simply must try the Ribs as they are sensational! These aren’t your basic steakhouse ribs so don’t expect any bottled BBQ sauce.  If you’re more into seafood the lobster tacos can not be beat.

Overall: An interesting foodie experience. No matter your palate Cherrywood has something that will satisfy. Even the simplest dishes here are given an individual spin. On your visit here expect great food and excellent service.


Cherrywood Kitchen is SoHo’s latest eatery.  Within its walls rustic American cuisine is prepared by the loving hands of chef Cheung, who transforms local ingredients into amazing cuisine.  Every single ingredient used by the master chef is locally sourced, where ever possible, for optimal freshness. The vegetables come from the Union Square and Prospect Park green markets, the seafood from nearby Chinatown, and the chicken from upstate. Along with its commitment to sourcing locally, owners and employees are committed to providing great tasting food and excellent service.


We visited Cherrywood on a Thursday night. The weeks old space was cozy and relaxing. Our server Juan was attentive and knowledgeable; he wasted no time in giving us some recommendations on the menu. We began with the complimentary garlic ciabatta with whipped blue cheese and a round of cocktails. The ciabatta was fresh baked and warm to touch. The blue cheese was a refreshing flavor and worked well with the tasty bread.

Cherrywood Kitchen NYC (5)

I sampled the Smoked Orange Manhattan. This bourbon cocktail features the complex flavor for smoked orange peel and Carpano Antica vermouth.

Cherrywood Kitchen NYC (4)

My companion opted for the Elderwood Champagne, this cocktail is made with St. Germain Liqueur, champagne and orange bitters.

Cherrywood Kitchen NYC (2)

Our round of appetizers started with the braised bacon soup. The light soup is made with a hearty pork broth radishes and thick chunks of smoked bacon.

Cherrywood Kitchen NYC (8)

We also sampled the mini lobster tacos.  The moist succulent lobster was served with a Old Bay Hollandaise sauce in crunchy bits sized taco shells.

Cherrywood Kitchen NYC (7)

The tacos were followed by the soft shell crab. The crabs are served with a generous helping of ginger and encrusted with garlic and shallots and served with baby artichokes and lemon butter.

Cherrywood Kitchen NYC (9)

At Juan’s suggestion we tried the seared duck. The morsels of tender  duck meat were drizzled with a sweet cherry glaze and served with delicious crispy sweetbreads and spring radishes.

Cherrywood Kitchen NYC (11)

Our final dish was the Hot Cherrywood Smoked Ribs. The tender juicy rib meat was cooked to perfection and glazed with a savory sweet chili glaze. These ribs are by far some of the best tasting ribs I have had in a long time and are well worth the visit to Cherrywood Kitchen.

Cherrywood Kitchen NYC (13)

Though the eatery does offer a tempting selection of dessert confections we had to pass it up this go around, we were simply too full! We did however end our meal with a round of red Sangria.

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With its gorgeous interior, laid back vibe and delicious menu, Cherrywood Kitchen is poised to become SoHo’s next great space.  For venue inquiries and reservations contact Cherrywood Kitchen at 646-559-2328 or online at

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