Levi’s Launches Artisan Blanket Collection

Levi's® Artisan Blanket Cropped Boyfriend SkinnyOne of our favorite brands, Levi’s will be keeping us stylish for Spring as they introduce their latest capsule collection called the Artisan Blanket Collection.

The line consists of some really beautiful one-of-a-kind women’s items created from handcrafted, quilted artisan blankets. Pieces of vintage blankets from India are interwoven with modern twills and chambrays and over-dyed in indigo. Each garment tells a unique story, incorporating different patterns and textures so that no two are exactly alike.

The limited edition collection hits select Levi’s® Stores and Levi.com this week and consists of a woven shirt, cropped pants, shift dress and reversible vest. These styles range in price from $148 to $198.

Levi's® Artisan Blanket Woven Shirt Levi's® Artisan Blanket Shift Dress Levi's® Artisan Blanket Elongated Trucker Vest