Book Review: “7 Years Younger”


This is the 7th week of 2013. If you had purchased 7 years younger you would be well on your way to a happier healthier you. The manual written by the editors of good housekeeping, contains vital information that could drastically improve your life. The book not only has a cover endorsement by Dr. Oz, it also has info from team of health professionals.  These pros include a nutritionist, dermatologist and dietician. Though billed as a guide to reclaiming lost youth the plan is more about overall wellness and can be implemented by anyone looking to restore energy, good health and a balanced diet.


As a lifelong sufferer of procrastination, starting a program is always the hardest part for me. I find myself always waiting for that mythical “next week” which is always no matter the date seven days away. If you are anything like me you can still use this book.  After reading just a few chapters I found myself thinking more consciously of my choices and finding alternatives to combat my “bad” habits. In just skimming the pages you will find a wealth of knowledge that is not only useful but practical. Even the diet is feasible as it is filled with familiar foods and staples you may have in your kitchen right now. One of the key benefits of this system is that you not simply told what to do or expected to change your lifestyle overnight. The steps are easy and will gradually lead you to better choices with regard to your overall health, losing weight and less stress are happy bonuses you may encounter along the way. This is not a diet book it is a lifestyle book.

Another unique feature in this book is that  it features personal testimonies from actual test panelists. Some of their results included glowing skin and weight loss. Seeing that others have followed and had success with the plan makes it more likely that you too will be successful. Though as with most self-help books  Diet is addressed not the only focus of the plan. The approach to changing one’s eating habits is less about losing weight and more about eating healthy. The system also seeks to eradicate stress, improve hair and rejuvenate the brain!

Even if you don’t follow the plan to the letter it is a worthy read as it gives you enough information to create your own unique plan.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.Seven weeks is barely 2 months but it is just enough time to inspire you to make and achieve some healthy goals. “7 Years Younger” is not a crazy fad diet or an overnight guarantee, the plan is a jumpstart to better living that will carry you well beyond the next 60 days.  This book is like having access to a complete team of professionals all devoted to seeing you achieve your best life. Within its pages lie the very tools to a better “younger” you.

Get your copy today!