Jeffrey Fashion Cares Starts Countdown to 10th Annual Fundraiser

Jeffery Fashion Cares tenth annual fashion fundraiser benefiting the LGBT community is scheduled for early this spring – but who waits to celebrate? In the New Year, it’s only appropriate to have a party to announce the actual event.2013 JFC Kickoff - 82

This week, founder and fashion pioneer Jeffrey Kalinski along with Town & Country kicked off a stylish countdown to the main fundraising event. VIP guests filled the Meatpacking District’s Jeffrey Store and were treated to a chic night filled with champagne, caviar, perfected cocktails and fashion.

LGBT influencers, allies, and supporters used the countdown kick-off to brainstorm ways to heighten awareness about the upcoming fashion fundraiser. Notable attendees included Joe Pedro, Matt Bell, Patrick Askin, Stuart Sussman, Brian Delshad and William Kapfer.

Originally established to heighten awareness of the LGBT community as well as provide a spotlight for the plight of people living with HIV/AIDS, Jeffrey Fashion Cares has grown into a fundraising powerhouse. In just under a decade the event has raised approximately $4 Million for youth charities in New York City alone.

It’s refreshing to see fashion and media influencers using their respective platforms to raise awareness about topical issues that are typically overlooked.

The 10th annual Jeffrey Fashion Cares fundraiser will be held on Tuesday, April 2, 2013 on the Intrepid in Manhattan. To purchase tickets and find additional information, visit

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