Venexiana Spring/Summer 2013 Collection: Color & Effect

One thing Hungarian-born Kati Stern of Venexiana is never afraid of is color and glamour. Each season, she continues to create dreamy, delicious elegant evening gowns any woman would want to dress up in. Also known for her penchant for longer runway shows with lots of looks, she didn’t disappoint this season adding even more – 71 looks.

Stern’s show began with classical piano music and water fountain sound effects and then transitioned into classic Kati – rocker fun with “I Fought the Law” and other favorites.  Each look featured delicate trimmings and embellishments including feathers, sequins, netting, diamonds and lace, with long and lean strapless A-line bodices and bustiers, in addition to halter and one-shoulder styles. Stern employed sheer skirts on dresses to show the legs as well as utilized draping techniques to create large bows on the backs and fronts of dresses.

Each look was presented in its respective color family, with Stern beginning with bright colors like fire oranges and red with gold, and then moving into the softer color families including pink, peach, nude, rose and back to deeper hues including blue, sea foam green and turquoise, as well as deep purple.  Stern went even further to show how the colors were meant to play together by constructing several dresses utilizing color blocking in the same family on each halves of the dresses.

It was clear everyone in the house loved Stern’s vision as she was embraced with a standing ovation as she graced the runway.