Tips for Staying Healthy During Fashion Week

It’s that time a year again… Stop, Pause, you spot one after another… Cameras are flashing articles of clothing are flying. Everyone is running back and forth between the runway and back stage. The excitement of the lights, glitz and glam feels like it’s new each and every time.

Fashion week is taking over and you are standing in the middle of one of the biggest events to hit New York. With all of the daunting tasks at hand, one often forgets the most important thing, and no its not whether or not you picked up the latest issue of Italian Vogue, its remembering to fuel your body with the right things during this exciting and strenuous time. On the go, you can still find time to eat healthy and keep it moving. Here are some healthy eating tips for one busy week coming soon…

-Plan ahead of time- If you know you will be out all day, prepare your meals/ snacks the night before. It will save you a lot of time and prevent a lot of headaches (literally). Once blood sugar levels drop, headaches can occur which causes stress on the body. Besides, you will be more alert and productive with the right fuel in your system.

-Grab a few pieces of fruit to take along with you. Apples are a perfect example of a low calorie, high fiber snack that doesn’t require any preparation. Raw veggies are also a great choice.

-Stash a small bag mixed nuts or trail mix. It’s a quick and easy pick me up.

-Pack a snack bar for a quick bite. There are many brands on the market with different emphasis such as high fiber, protein etc. and the selections are endless: peanut butter, granola, multi grain, dark chocolate (its good for your heart) just to name a few.

-Most importantly… Stay hydrated- Keep a bottle of water with you at all times. We often confuse thirst with hunger, which causes us to overeat. Drink plenty of water between capturing those captivating photos and stories.

Happy Fashion Week Everyone!!!