Sheena Trivedi Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

Sheena Trivedi debuted her Spring 2013 collection at The Glasshouses NYC, a perfect setting for royal, futuristic New Delhi style trimmed out with embellishments glittering in the foreground, NYC lights mirroring the scene in the  background.

It was easy for one to imagine many different types of scenes and stories arising while standing amongst the New Delhi cutouts.  One mannequin, reminiscent of a sexy, ninja-style princess featuring a sexy black sheer bodied jumpsuit, thick gold beading outlining around her face, flowing down to her chest.

The mannequin who looked as though she was the one in command of the castle, was wearing a body formed, zip up, short sleeve red leather jacket with 3D beading on the shoulders. The jacket was paired with a bright yellow skirt, a shorter hemline flowing back and draping to the floor. While one could easily wear the leather jacket paired up with a tight skinny pant, or the skirt paired with a softer, feminine top – the two combined were certainly powerful, and not something one could pass by without a extended glance.

Our favorite details from her collection include:

– Short leather skirts layered over sheer materials creating a covered, yet revealing appeal.

– High beaded necklines with cutouts above the bust

– Beautifully draped blouses, sheer in all of the right places, topping skinny pants

Her tagline “Authentic Inspiration, Modern Interpretation” certainly shined through in her debut collection.