Parkchoonmoo Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

South Korean Fashion designer Demi Park found her inspiration for her Spring/Summer 2013 by looking back to her roots.   Her childhood was spent playing in her father’s textile and apparel factory in southern Korea where was exposed to the business of fashion at an early age.  In her past collections she has pushed the boundaries of construction and used her industrial design background to create innovative collections.

For Spring/Summer 2013 Demi Park aka Choonmoo Park is reinventing traditional Korean Fashion, borrowing its national colors.  The collection includes blue and red as well as a palette of whites and creams and of course black.

The lines are inventive and the garments flow and look as easy to wear as a robe.  Black Baji style pants are paired with a leather vests and worn with a bright blue blouse.  A balanced look that would work for an afternoon stroll in Soho or Southampton – in any city or country, New York, Seoul or Paris.

The choice of fabrics reflects this lightness. Airy cotton and perforated leathers are used to underline the airiness and openness of the collection.