Must Have: Swatch Gent Patterns

Swiss watch and jewelry  maker Swatch gives a playful wave to popular fashion with the Gent Patterns: checked, houndstooth and tartan Gent Originals. The designers have outfitted these handsome Gents in stylish variations on three renowned fabric patterns.

Black & Grey Checked presents an elegant black and dark grey checked strap set, colour-matched by dark grey dial with black numerals and a solid black plastic case.

Swatch’s unfailing eye for elegance finds striking confirmation with Fun Fabric, where the strap sets out a houndstooth pattern on either side of the light grey dial and 34 mm solid black plastic case.

Paying homage to the evergreen popularity of Scottish plaids, Scottish Tartan offers shades of grey set off by pink diagonals in a stylish interpretation of this traditional tartan, accented by a pink loop and pink Arabic numerals on the matching dark grey dial.

Black/Grey Checkered:

Fun Fabric:

Scottish Tartan:


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