Lounging with Artistry Beauty at New York Fashion Week

The Artistry Beauty Lounge, which took place during New York Fashion Week at the Empire Hotel, was a pampering experience that provided editor and bloggers with a relaxing environment. The quaint suite which was a peaceful oasis from the hustle and bustle of the Lincoln Center traffic held a beauty bar and 15-minute virtual eyelift for beauty lovers.

Upon entering the suite you are greeted by Melissa Charles (Artistry US Brand Manager, Amway) who pleasantly explains the purpose of each room and the amazing products in the skin care line. The suite held two beauty packed rooms starting with a consultation from the F.A.C.E.S machine. The machine is the largest private database of skin diagnostics that helps each client understand and address any concerns about their face ranging from wrinkles to dry skin. After the consultation, where your makeup is removed and your skin is assessed, you are taken to the make up room where you are greeted by an Artistry brand ambassador.

In the make up room you are given a step-by-step tutorial of the products to use to hydrate and soften your skin, as well as, a paraffin hand treatment session. Once complete you are then introduced to an on site make up artist that puts your make up on and leaves you feeling refreshed and beautiful. All of this was done in about an hour, definitely a treat in New York City.

To inquire about ARTISTRY products or to learn more feel free to visit Amway.com/Artistry.