Camilla Skovgaard Presents: Hotel Skovgaard

Any time you arrive at a gathering an are greeted by women in masks and a shirtless man in a hoood, chances are you are in for a wild night.  Approaching the entry of the temporary “Hotel Skovgaard he first thing we notice was the ominous hooded figure beckoning us inward. His shirtless frame stood out in the night sky amid the sea of well dresses party goers.  Upon entry the dimly lit foggy room was devoid of furniture and held only a few  portraits on the walls as well as several small podiums which held the latest footwear from the Skovgaard collection.  Lead designer and namesake Camille Skovgaard has designed shoes for royalty, pop stars and actresses all over the world.  Her shoes have been worn by Halle Berry and Kristen stewart to name a few.  The Denmark native has also won several awards for her considerable talents. She is also one of the precious few to have sold a collection while still in school.  There are very few words that adequately describe the unique aestetic of Skovgaard shoes.  From  stilettos to flats she creates wearable art.

The night before the official start of fashion week we caught up with Skovgaard at a magnificent soiree to celebrate the premeiere screening of her latest fashion video.  The short film was created in collaboration with director Ali F. Mostafa.  Mostafa is best known for his film “City of Life” (2009).  The film follows the life a priveledged your Arab man and his less fortunate friends.  In addition to Mostafa Skovgaard enlisted the talent of rapper, producer Zebra Cats who created the music of the short.  Though Zebra was no in attendance at the event his presence was felt as Njena Red Foxx perforeed at the event.  Fans of Kat will remember Foxx from her stellar vocals on “Imma Read The stunning Ms Foxx attacked the stage with venomous lyrics and her smooth delivery.  Her glowing presence filled the room and got everyone ready for the following screening.  The short film was projected onto the large bare walls of the space.  The short follows a young woman into a dark world of odd images and torturous devices leading to a shocking almost comical end.

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