Tech Review: HTC Radar 4G

Over the last few years Windows has stepped into the cell phone arena offering consumers faster phones and increased functionality.  With competitors that include giants Android and IPhone, the competition is pretty stiff, making it a hard sell to seduce users. The radar steps onto the scene with a sleek slim design and lightning fast 4G speed.  The device operates on the Windows Phone 7 Mango operating system and features several great features:

  1. 5mp Camera:  The powerful camera can be accessed quickly via a button on the right side of the device and includes flash as well as a front facing capability for video calls.  The photo software has a cool panorama effect that allows the user to stitch together amazing wide shots.  Using the function is as simple as gliding the camera right to left.  If you have shaky hands don’t worry the on screen guide helps keep you on the level while moving side to side.
  2. Sensors: There are 3 sensors on this model for added protection. The Proximity sensor senses when objects come close to the device.  This is mostly used to dim or shut of the screen while the phone is in use preserving battery life.  The G-Sensor senses gravity and thusly rotates the phone display as the device rotates. Lastly the ambient light sensor automatically lightens up photos in low light conditions for better pictures.
  3. Multimedia: One of the sweetest features on this phone is its ability to show photos from your camera, Facebook and other accounts via HTC hub.  Users may also enjoy Zune functionality which allows you to listen to the radio and download songs on from the Zune marketplace.  For less than the price of one CD per month you can access thousands of hits, legally. The device also has surround sound for better video viewing
  4. Pre-Installed Apps:  One the best apps is the HATCH Watch which allows you to store and watch movies and television programs.  For a small fee you can rent a movie and for a little more purchase it for your device.  You may use your Netflix account which is also pre-installed.  Local Scout uses the phones GPS to give you up to date information on your location including restaurants, shopping, activities and points of interest.  This is a great tool for travelers and discovering new places in your own neighborhood.  T-Mobile users can also enjoy T-Mobile TV which streams live television and offers on Demand shows as well. Gamers can enjoy X-Box Live which allows you to play with your friends and keep track of your stats wherever you are.  You can also use the app to preview before you buy
  5. Power, Battery and Storage: The device’s rechargeable battery is not removable; the only reason to pop open the back is to remove the SD card. The fully charges unit has over 7 hours of talk time.  Also featured is a 1 GHz processing speed and 512 MB of RAM as well as 6.54 MB of memory.  The phone’s only drawback is that it does not allow for additional storage.  In response to this issue Microsoft has offered SkyDrive, a free app that allows you to store and access files anywhere with your windows ID.
  6. Social Content: Keeping track of your friends and family has never been easier.  With one click you can see a person’s Facebook, contact into, twitter and their last message, email and or phone call.  You can also pin frequent contacts to the home page for one touch access.

The Functionality price and ease of use give this device a boost above competitors.  Although users miss out on some Android and iPhone apps they also have the opportunity to be the first on the cutting edge of technology with access to a new world of games, applications and features. New T-Mobile customers can purchase the device for $99 with a 2 year agreement via  For more info and to view demos of the device visit

  • The device is also powered with 1500 m – Ah battery which fortunately
    is removable and deliver 6 hours 25 mintutes talktime
    on 2G or 6 hours 18 minutes talktime on 3G and also a standby time of 530 hours.
    T-mobile’s plan will knock you back. Tower Blocks New York from Digital Chocolate.