Restaurant Review: Chote Nawab

Location: 115 Lexington Avenue

Cuisine: Authentic Indian

Items: 2 small plates, 2 entrees, 3 cocktails

Cost: $110 (With 20% tip)

Best Dish: The curried goat is by far the best we’ve had in the city. The meat was spicy and savory. The tender chunks of goat meat melt in your mouth, and the spiciness can be adjusted according to your preference.

Overall: A chic sophisticated alternative to the usual Indian restaurant.

115 Lexington Avenue has had an interesting year. We had visited the address earlier this year as Three hens, a restaurant that boasted farm fresh organic fare at reasonable prices. As restaurants go it was a delicious and unique option for the location. The area surrounding 115 Lexington is nicknamed “Curry Hill” and is populated by an assortment of Indian and Indo-Chinese restaurants and stores. In its latest incarnation 115 has been transformed in “Chote Nawab”, an Indian Restaurant. Which is better suited to the surrounding neighborhood. The once simple space has been decorated with tons of color and light. Bright bowls and murals of Bollywood classics decorate the walls, giving the space a casual airy vibe.

Glancing over the menu can be a bit daunting with so many unfamiliar words luckily the staff is friendly helpful and patient. One of the best ways to sample a lot of flavors in one sitting is with a sample platter. We started our meal with the small Kabob sampler featuring a variety of flavored meats.

Next we sampled a small serving of curried potatoes stuffed with soft cheese or paneer. Both appetizers arrived in mini sizzling skillet. The fragrant piping hot dishes were an amazing start to our feast. We washed down the tasty morsel with signature cocktails. I simply had to try the sweet and sultry Kama Sutra.

Choosing an entrée is never easy with so many delicious choices, so my companion and I opted for something new. We ordered the curried goat and steamed fish. The goat is served in a spicy tomato based sauce. To cut down on a bit of the spice we ordered yogurt. Spiced yogurt added smooth creamy texture and just a little tart flavor. We also ordered a paratha. The paratha is a flaky bread served warm that works well at scooping up pieces of curried meat or vegetables.

The fish was steamed in a banana leaf and served with rice and seasoned cauliflower. The presentation was exquisite and the food flavorful and light, a perfect complement to the warm summer air. Though the establishment offers a tasty list of intriguing desserts we were simply unable to indulge.  The portion sizes are just the right size to leave you satisfied without feeling over fed.

Chote Nawab, the movie is a classic Indian tale of adversity and the undying human spirit. Chote Nawab the restaurant is a chic relaxed space to enjoy delicious Indian cuisine. Both the story and the space share the distinction of having to overcome impossible odds in order to survive. We are hoping this adorable place is finally the long anticipated the happy ending to 115 Lexington’s history of failed eateries and the beginning of a delicious new chapter.