PlayStation Unveils the Hottest Games for the Holiday Season

The PlayStation 2012 Pre-Holiday Media Showcase was held in New York City, offering an exclusive sneak peak at the hottest video games and gadgets out this fall. Just in time for the fast approaching holiday season, we have our top five games and gadgets sure to whet your appetite and fascinate the gamer in everyone.

1). Wonderbook: PlayStation has outdone itself with the new Wonderbook. The first title of the new tech toy is an exclusive collaboration with J.K. Rowling, entitled Book of Spells. If you are looking for a game that you can spend countless hours playing, this Peripheral Move device is for you. Wonderbook acts as an interactive text as players learn lessons and spells in each chapter. The kit makes use of an augmented reality book in tandem with the Move hardware to project images and animations, right on the pages. The software will track your progression through the chapters, and beginning a new quest is easy – just go back to the front on the book. Talk about diving right into a book?

Retail Price: Pricing information to be released this fall

Available: December 1, 2012

2). Pulse Wireless Stereo Headset Elite Edition: Joining the new wave of premium headphones is Sony PlayStation’s second version of the full-on headset ear-blasters. The Pulse Wireless Stereo Headset Elite Edition touts key features like 7.1 virtual surround, PS Vita and cell phone compatibility, BassImpact technology, and hidden noise-cancelling microphones for talking to your social network. This gadget is sure to be flying off shelves once holiday shopping kicks into full swing.

Retail Price: $149.99

Available: October 1, 2012

3). Madden ‘13: Microsoft and EA Sports are back with the newest version of the genre-defying football franchise. Madden is a stable in the gaming industry and gamers usually don’t expect much change to the platform. This year, the major difference is in the presentation. Madden ’13 has revamped the announcing team, replacing Chris Collinsworth with Jim Nantz and Phil Simms. The game has become so advanced and realistic that the refinements and adjustments have taken on the intricacy of system engineering. Let’s just say, we can’t wait to play!

Retail Price: $59.99

Available: August 28, 2012

4). Ratchet & Clank Collection: Sony is looking to draw old and new gamers alike with this new trilogy set. The Ratchet & Clark Collection will feature Ratchet & Clark, Ratchet & Clark: Going Commando, and Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal all in high definition as well as high-tech audio. This is the perfect box-set for gamers looking to battle other players without all of the gore found on other game systems.

Retail Price: $29.99

Available: August 28, 2012

5). Disney’s Epic Mickey 2 – The Power of Two: Unleash the power of the brush in an all new co-op adventure! Join Mickey Mouse and Oswald in a battle to save the magical world of Wasteland and change it forever. Seriously, Mickey Mouse and many of your other favorite Disney characters are at their best in this interactive journey. If you are looking for a game to let loose and have fun with family and friends, Disney’s Epic Mickey 2 – The Power of Two is the game for you.

Retail Price: $59.99

Available: November 18, 2012

All items will make for great holiday gifts.