Movie Review: Savages

Director: Oliver Stone

Writer: Shane Salerno, Don Winslow, Oliver Stone

Cast: Taylor Kitsch, Blake Lively, Aaron Johnson, Benicio Del Toro, Salma Hayek, John Travolta

After a deal with a rival falls through, marijuana dealers Ben (Johnson) and Chon (Kitsch) fight to save their girlfriend O (Lively) from the clutches of the enemy.  Along the journey mild-mannered Ben discovers his hidden strength and cold-hearted killer Chon, learns the power of love.  Prepare yourself for an action packed escapade involving drugs, gangsters and extreme violence.  From the very first scene this captivating and sexy thriller keeps the audience at attention scene by scene a story unravels that can only be told by a brilliant director.  Stone brings 80’s style violence back to the big screen in this epic tale of kidnapping, drug busts, and betrayal. Stone is well-known for violent classics such as “Natural Born Killers ” and “Platoon”, he was the ideal choice to bring Don Winslow’s novel to life.  His treatment of the story is infused with heart as well as humor.  From the very first scene it is abundantly clear that children do not belong in this movie.  In addition to the graphic violence there are some sex scenes that are completely inappropriate for little eyes.  Leave the little ones at home and run to see this action packed grown up film.  If the sexy trio of  Lively, Kitsch and Johnson aren’t enough motivation for you, how about A-listers Salma Hayek and John Travolta in surprising roles. If that still isn’t enough for you go for Benicio Del Toro’s Mexican accent, trust us its worth it.

Savages hits theaters Friday, July 6!

  • noah

    I really want to know what sunglasses benicio is wearing in the picture near the bottom. Any clue?