First Look: JC Penney Back To School Fall 2012 Collection

One of the great things about the current fashion market is the low cost performance of the new trend items. Because of the reasonable pricing and the eye-catching designs on racks, we can purchase and enjoy the seasonable look without worrying too deeply about wasting money and feeling guilty.

America’s favorite store, J.C.Penney has been providing an exceptional straightforward shopping experience to the customers over 110 years. Having more than 1,100 locations and their original online store, J.C. Penney can reach all the needs and wants across America.

J.C.Penney Fall Women’s collection is filled with colors and fun prints. The London fashion inspired Union flag prints and edgy designs are one of this season’s key items. Complete the classic look by matching the pieces with some unique metallic jewelry. Race-up combat boots are the must-have for this boyish charming style. The exciting multiple bright color items is another fun trend in this fall. Execute the colorful look with the delightful sparkling shoes.

The Men’s Fall collection is inspired by the modern handsome laidback man. Layering is the key of this simple yet stylish look. Combine items with different characteristics— such as perfectly tailored jacket with casual hoody or iron pressed button-down shirt with soft relaxing knitted cardigan.

J.C. Penney ‘s kids fall collection is filled with excitements. The vivid color shows their bright spirit —see the adorable bright green tutu! Since the price range is very low, they get to be as active as they want and you don’t need to chase them down to stop them. Walk the streets with the kid’s fashionista!

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