Cool Kicks from Sanuk

Finding the right summer footwear is always a major battle. The idea is to keep your feet cool comfortable and of course stylish.  Sanuk footwear has been creating chic summer worthy footwear for over a decade. With a humble start in  founder Jeff Kelly’s garage, the brand utilizes practical, sustainable materials in the creation of its line.

One of the latest initiatives  of the global brand is the R.A.S.T.A.  Project.  The Recycled and Sustainable Trade Alliance (RASTA) is a collaboration with surfer Dave Rastervich, that seeks to create a line of sandals that leaves the smallest possible footprint.  Some of the materials utilized in creating sustainable footwear are recycled rubber insoles, jute, hemp, cork, natural latex and recycled plastic bottles.  The R.A.S.T.A. line features 2 looks for men and 2 for women.

The Rasta Pouch


The Rasta Sprout


The Rasta Nectar

The Rasta Brisbane

The R.A.S.T.A.  looks are part of a small capsule collection.  The complete line is expanded to include many more stylish looks as well as a line for kids.  Visit for the entire collection and more information on the fascinating company.