Born in the USA: Behind the Scenes at Joseph Abboud

What better way to celebrate Fourth of July with clothing made from an all American company. Joseph Abboud is an American lifestyle brand that embodies patriotic values stemming from their New Bedford, Massachusetts factory. The facility holds close to 450 exceptionally trained employees who produce 1000 suits a day. The efficient suit making process creates  high quality products with superior design. Although custom made suits can be made in 10 working days, recent technological advancements have evolved the suit making process into a speedier art form.

The 1909 textile building has become the permanent home for the Joseph Abboud tailored clothing line where it currently continues to be the exclusive producer of JA suits, sports jackets and dress trousers. The Joseph Abboud Mfg Corp distribution facility still uses some of the original machines that were brought in from Italy in 1986 but are continuously upgrading their technologically advanced machines. For example, the ETON Unit production system brings individual suit components to each operator thus shortening the time to manufacture a garment. Because each suit is constantly moving from one worker to the next, the time to make a M2M suit can be shortened to just 8 days or less. This investment strengthens the Made in America strategy so customers can receive their US made suits in a quicker turnaround time.

The American brand continues to evolve the menswear field through its production strategies and through its tailored clothing collection.  When Joseph Abboud returned to the runway after a seven year hiatus, they delivered a fw12 collection that exuded the supreme masculine confidence seen during the late 1930’s. Following their arrival in London ss13 fashion week, Joseph Abboud will return to New York this September for its second fashion show. Of course we will be there to bring you all of the fashions.

Check out this amazing video: