Sarah Harrelson Launched Ultratravel U.S. at the NoMad Hotel

After an expansion that includes the middle east and India, European travel mag UltraTravel has finally arrived here in the US.  The original UK edition of Ultra travel launched in 2004 and has become the highest circulated travel mag in Europe. In celebration of the inaugural issue, travel and magazine executives as well as several members of the press gathered in New York City’s posh NoMad hotel for cocktails and a viewing of the first issue.  Just like its UK counterpart the US edition features a large format and high-definition photos.  While looking over the publication  guests enjoyed passing hors d’oeuvres and signature cocktails featuring Caliche premium Puerto Rican Rum.

Attendees enjoyed the Cali Daiquiri and the Cali Mojito, both beverages were a refreshing compliment to the warm summer evening.


Cali Daiquiri


2 oz Caliche Rum
1 oz Fresh Limes
¼ oz Agave Nectar
1 Fresh strawberry
Garnish: Strawberry
Preparation: In a mixing glass, lightly muddle the strawberry. Add the remaining ingredients, fill with ice and shake until well chilled. Strain into an ice filled rocks glass and garnish.

Cali Mojito

2 oz Caliche Rum
1oz Fresh Lime Juice
¼ oz Agave Nectar
8 Mint Leaves
Crushed ice on top
Garnish: Mint Spring

In a mixing glass, lightly muddle the mint. Add the remaining ingredients fill with ice and shake until well chilled, strain into an ice filled highball glass, top with the crushed ice and garnish.

Attendees of the event included Editor in Chief, Sarah Harrelson, Creative Director, Carlos Suarez and Mike Batt, Whitehaus Media Group Publisher. After only two short years as a thought the magazine is finally ready for the elite US traveler. Don’t expect to see this on your newsstand anytime soon, it will only be available by subscription. Visit and join the online community of travelers for subscription information.