Restaurant Review: Singapura

The Breakdown

Location: 106 Lexington Avenue New York, NY 10016 Tel: (212) 684-6842  Email:

Cuisine: Asian Fusion

Dishes: 1 appetizer, 3 entrees, 1 dessert

Cost: $62 (20% gratuity included)

Best Dish: The chicken Roti Canai is an amazing appetizer, the warm bread melts instantly on impact.

Overall: A relaxed cozy atmosphere perfect for an adventurous date or night out with fellow foodies.

Singapura is an homage to asian cuisine. The combination of Thai, Malaysian and Chinese dishes are a testament to the flavorful melting pot that is Singapore. We happened upon this lovely homestyle restaurant on a dreary night in NYC. The light drizzle on the pavement forced us to seek refuge someplace warm and inviting. We entered to small comfortably furnished eatery with the pungent aroma of spices leading us to a quiet table in the rear. The flower inspired lighting fixtures held a soft glow adding to the warmth of this New York hot spot. We took out seats and were instantly greeted by our pleasant server who offered us beverages and left us with the well-balanced menu of traditional Asian edibles.

We started our culinary journey with the Chicken Roti Canai.  This warm appetizer is composed of delicious morsels of white chicken bathed in a sweet and spicy curry sauce served with a sliver of warm Malaysian Roti. Though utensils are provided this dish is best eaten with the hands using the moist bread to soak up the savory sauce and chicken bits.

Our next dish was the Hakka Chinese style Chili Shrimp. Plump jumbo shrimp, scallions , soy sauce and ginger mixed beautifully over a bed of steamed Jasmine rice.

The sizzling lamb is a must have dish at this establishment. The sound of the sizzling entrée as well as the scent of spicy chillies was intoxicating. Thankfully this dish as well as most of the spicy dishes is made to suit your individual tastes. We chose to have this medium spicy, thank goodness we did! Even at medium spice this dish pack some serious punch. The spice though potent does not overpower the dish, it only enhances the flavor of the tender lamb flesh.

Noodles are a staple in most Asian dishes and we simply could not miss the Beef Hakka Noodles. The spaghetti like noodles are stir fried with an “Indian-Chinese” sauce and tossed with a crunchy medley of vegetables.

After our series of spicy delicacies it was finally time for a sweet treat. The Thai fried banana dessert is a deliciously simple dish of sliced banana rolled thin spring roll pastry and topped with toasted sesame seeds.

The flavors of Singapura are not for the faint of heart or picky little ones. If you love spicy food and exploring the far east this is your place! The venue is rather small so keep your party intimate four can eat comfortably but 5 may be a crowd. The best way to sample this dishes is with a small group of loved ones each ordering a different item, to share with the table.  The portions are not over-sized but just enough to enjoy with someone special.  You may not be able to pick up and fly off to the exotic ports of Singapore, so why not visit Singapura and have a slice of Singapore in the heart of the Big Apple.