Restaurant Review: RSVP

Location: 15 Watts St (at Thompson St) New York, NY 10013

Cuisine: American eclectic

Items: 1 appetizer, 2 entrees, 3 cocktails, 1 “dessert”

Cost: $184.00 (with 20% Gratuity)

Best Dish: The rack of lamb is amazing but the “French Toast Box” is a must have foodie experience!! It’s the rubic’s cube of brunch foods.

Overall: A beautiful space with amazing dishes and a dedicated staff. The perfect venue for a special meal or a decadent treat

On a bright and beautiful day wandering the streets of Soho, my companion and I happened upon this lovely space. We entered and found ourselves overcome by the richness and beauty of the decor. The staff greeted us warmly as if they had been looking forward to our arrival. We were guided to a lovely table in front of a floor to ceiling open window. The sunshine and passersby added to the feeling of exclusivity. We were on the inside looking out, and feeling superior. Just sitting there felt as if we had joined an elite and exclusive group. A feeling that would no doubt dissipate once we realized we would be taking the subway back home and not a luxury sedan. This feeling is all part of RSVP’s charm. It is the feeling of luxury and elegance that one should experience as often as possible. Our well dressed server presented the menus and specials and disappeared with a smile. After poring over the menu and making our final selections our server returned without being beckoned, the sight of the closed menu brought him back to our side.  With our order in hand he smiled and was off again to fulfill our needs.

We started with the “Duck Sliders”. Thinly sliced duck morsels were placed atop warm buttery brioche buns with cucumber scallions and a drizzle of plum sauce.

You can not enjoy a quality slider without a delicious cocktail, we sampled The Soho Cosmo, tasty yet strong.

For entrees we chose the Truffle Honey Rack of Lamb and the Cedar Roasted Whole Branzino.  The succulent baby lamb was lightly crusted and glazed with mouth-watering truffle honey and served with creamy mashed potatoes.

The Branzino or Mediterranean bass was served on parchment paper with an assortment of seasonal vegetables.  The fish was moist tender and fresh tasting, a perfect complement to summer.

After all great meals a dessert is a must. RSVP does not have a dessert menu, however it does have a brunch menu with some fantastic confections to satisfy your sweet tooth. We highly recommend the French Toast Box. The outside is a crunchy lightly sweetened layer of crushed pecans. The inside is soft buttery french toast with a creamy center of maple infused mascarpone and ricotta cheese.  This beautiful dish is a foodie’s dream, the combination of textures and flavors is indescribable it is a treat that must be experienced to be understood.

With its wide assortment of dishes and world class cuisine RSVP is a space worth your consideration.  The early evening vibe is one of relaxed comfort that intensifies as the evening wears on. By night fall this charming eatery is transformed into an upscale lounge with lively music and romantic atmosphere.  Dinner for two at RSVP can vary but should not exceed $200. As the old saying goes : you get what you pay for. Excellent service gourmet meals and beautiful surroundings do not come cheap, but trust us its worth every penny.  You work hard, why not take a chance and treat yourself to something grand?  You only live once, so live it up.  You can waste another evening on junk food and cheap booze or you can RSVP for something worthwhile. Visit for more information.