Must Have: Swatch Dia De Muertos

Swiss watch and jewellery maker Swatch is pleased to participate in this year’s Dia de Muertos celebrations at the beginning of November. The festival, whose roots reach back to pre-colonial times, brings ancient beliefs and customs to life as the souls of the dead return to visit their loved ones. Friends and families come together to welcome them, to celebrate with fireworks, bright costumes and traditional foods, including pan de muertos and skulls made of chocolate or sugar with coloured decoration. Offerings are set out on altars in the home, to remember and honour the dearly departed.

Dia de Muertos (GZ269), a Gent Originals, evokes traditional elements associated with this enormously popular festival. On a black dial framed by a 34 mm black plastic case and black silicone strap, white skulls with highlights in red, purple, pink, light blue and green mock death and celebrate the joys of life. Dia de Muertos comes in a special sleeve decorated, like the watch, with white skulls highlighted by a child’s bright colours, floating in the dark.

The watch retails for $60.00 and is available at

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