loveandpride Debuts Jewelry for Charity

Image: ©2012MelanieWesslockPhotography

loveandpride recently designed a new jewelry piece to raise money and awareness for Marriage Equality USA. The invite only cocktail party was was hosted by loveandpride co-founder & lead designer, Udi Behr, and Marriage Equality USA co-president, Cathy Marino-Thomas.

100% of net proceeds from the new item will be donated to Marriage Equality USA. Having just celebrated its 7th anniversary last month, the forward-thinking e-commerce site for people who believe in diversity, equality and tolerance has donated over $380,000 to those charities and others including Lambda Legal, The Mercury Phoenix Trust and Service members Legal Defense Network (SLDN).

Love and Pride is the first of its kind – a premium designer online lifestyle destination for people who believe in equality, diversity and tolerance. Love and Pride is a worldwide venture founded to celebrate the transformative powers of passion, creativity and action. The collective dream of a group of artists and entrepreneurs.

Image: Hal Horowitz Photography