A Weekend at The Enclave Inn, Wainscott NY


Location: Wainscott,NY

Travel: Hampton Luxury Liner

Accommodations: The Enclave Inn, Wainscott

Cost: Seasonal (prices start starting at  $99/night off-season and $249/night during the Spring and Summer)

Activities: Swimming, Fishing, Surfing, Kayaking

Tips: Taking the bus is a great way to get there if you plan to relax in and around your hotel. However driving is best to explore the area. Taxi service is available at about $20 for every 8th of a mile. Behave as the residents do, don’t harass the celebs! They are on vacation too.

New York City is an awesome spectacle of lights sound and energy. Just beyond the horn honking, shouting pedestrians and emergency vehicles, lies a small group of villages and hamlets known as the Hamptons. This brief stretch of land is ripe with lush foliage, pristine beaches and some of the most prized real estate properties in the US. Celebrities flock to the Hamptons in droves to enjoy its scenery and tranquility, they often purchase land and homes to stay connected to this quaint little slice of NY. My journey to the Hamptons began on a pleasant Saturday afternoon in midtown Manhattan. As a non driver, I was booked on the luxurious Hampton Luxury Liner. This amazing vessel, features plush leather seating, a complimentary snack bar, free wi-fi and plenty of leg room. Settling into the reclining seat I drifted off for a quick nap awakening to find myself suddenly surrounded by nature. The side walks and brick of the city were replaced by trees and quaint cottages. The urgency of the city was long gone and I enjoyed the smooth ride into Wainscott. The difference is almost startling, it is a strange feeling to be so close to the city and yet it feels like a world away. Hopping off the bus was just as jarring as the big sidewalks and street signs I have come accustomed to were noticeably absent. My small bag and I sauntered over to the nearest shop for directions to our destination.

I wandered into “twice upon a bagel”, a cute bakery/deli that specializes in handmade bagels. The smell of great baked goods made me forget my quest entirely. I ended up buying lunch and a little snack and headed out the door without my directions. Luckily a few doors down was an Italian eatery with a helpful staff who showed me the way. A mere 8th of a mile or about 4 city blocks away was a series of cottages called “The Enclave”. The rustic resort space features a small pool, adorable cottages and lush green surroundings. The smell of fresh-cut grass and trees is intoxicating.

The property manager Doug helped me to my room and proved to be a wealth of information from the very start. Not long after checking into my room Doug returned with a visitors package filled with useful trip info. I hadn’t asked for the info, but like most great hosts he thought ahead. I instantly felt right at home. All of the rooms at the Enclave are equipped with a full-sized fridge, a sink and microwave oven for your convenience. Venturing out onto the grounds at the Inn, there’s an instant feeling of calm. Surrounded by nature and a soft breeze I walked around for a while taking in the beautiful scenery before heading back to my cabin and having  a seat on the porch.

I was scheduled for a grand dinner in a posh new restaurant but opted instead for a relaxing evening of takeout and much-needed rest. Though the Hampton’s is most well-known for elaborate parties on luxurious estates, celebrities flock to this cozy space for peace of mind.  It is quiet, laid back and a perfect contrast to  the celebrity life. In my talks with year-round residents I discovered that the residents rarely even bother their more famous neighbors.

For a laid back experience visit the Enclave Inn in Wainscott. The Enclave is not just for a solitary or couples get away it is a space designed to accommodate the entire family. Some rooms are even equipped with a child size bed for the little one. If you need a little more nightlife visit South Hampton, it is home to several great eateries and bars. For more information on booking visit www.Enclave.com