Post-It Brand 2012 Collection: Necessorize Your Life

Last night, Post-it hosted a fun and colorful party to introduce their latest and innovative products to the media. Bursting onto the scene this year, the Post-itBrand from 3M introduces eight new Post-it Note Color Collections inspired by current color trends and fashion, in must-have hues that add personality to communication at the office, home, classroom or on-the-go. The new Post-it Note Color Collections include:

  • Jewel Pop Collection – Vibrant, contemporary colors that will turn heads
  • Electric Glow Collection – Bright, daring hues with a jolt of energy
  • Sunwashed Pier Collection – Cool hues that say “effortless” and “comfortable”
  • Ultra Collection – Playful and upbeat colors that make a statement
  • Tropic Breeze Collection – Carefree and calm like a day on the beach


  • Farmers Market Collection – Lively and fresh bursts of color
  • Neon Collection – Bold, vivid color that demands attention
  • Pastel Collection – Soft and tranquil hues that bring a welcome calm to busy days

The company has a quick and easy interactive quiz designed to help you find your color personality (we were the Tropic Breeze Collection), Visit to get started!  The new Post-it Note Color Collections are available at office superstores and mass merchandise retailers nationwide.

At the Post-It Party we also were thoroughly excited about the Necessorize (Necessary Accessories) collection. As a bloggers these items are needed to help us organize our filing system, flag important documents, and get us fully prepared for red carpet events. Here are a few of our favorites

Post-it 2” Angled and Solid Tabs ($2.99-$10.99) are angled for easy viewing; in addition they are durable, writable, and repositionable.

3M Permanent File Folder Labels ($24.99) addresses your labeling needs with permanent adhesives allowing for long term use and uses popular label templates.

Post It Container Label Pads ($3.99) and Post-it Super Sticky Removable Label Pads ($5.00-$25.00) stick securely to plastic and canvas bins and remove easily.

We cannot wait to get our hands on the all-in-one Post-it Flag+Highlighter+Pens (3-pack for $7.99), perfect for those on the go and need to quickly identify important information.

Post-it Brand has a lot more to offer for all of your organizational needs; We encourage you to visit for more information about the Post-it Note Color Collections and the Post-it Brand from 3M and much more.