Movie Review: The Five-Year Engagement

Director: Nicholas Stoller

Screen Writers: Jason Segel & Nicholas Stoller

Cast: Jason Segal, Emily Blunt, Rhys Ifans, Chris Pratt, Alison Brie

Release Date: Friday, April 27th, 2012 (Universal)

Opening the 11th year of Tribeca Film Festival on April 18th 2012, The Five-Year Engagement brought a big laugh and love to the audience.

The exceptional team of the hilarious comedy “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” has reunited for another highly amusing feature film this spring. Starring the brilliant young British actress, Emily Blunt, and the multi-talented comedy actor, Jason Segal— who is also a co-writer of this film—their performance and on-screen chemistry caused bursts of laughter in the theater through out the entire movie.

The story begins from on the day of their engagement. After having a predestined encounter at a New Year’s Eve costume party the year before, Tom (Jason Segal) and Violet (Emily Blunt) have been madly in love. The proposal came naturally, but the wedding did not.  The ‘big day’ is postponed due to Violet’s new dream job as a postdoc, which requires them to relocate to Michigan from San Francisco. As a result, Tom denied himself his dream of becoming head chef of a new restaurant, because Violet’s happiness was everything to him. Despite the fact that he made many lovable friends and found an enjoyable job in Michigan, the loss of Tom’s passion and confidence for his career gradually changed him. And that eventually started to affect their relationship. Then before you know it, five years have passed…

Within this two-hour-plus movie, some scenes seemed to lose touch with the important story line by focusing too much on the comedy material. However, the skilled supporting actors undeniably added more laughter and extended the plot line of the film.  Despite the unstoppable laughs it provides, this movie provides opportunity for the audience to reflect upon what a ‘perfect marriage’ is in our modern-day society.

Five-year engagement will be in theaters on Friday, April. 27th.

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