Movie Review: SAFE

Writer: Boaz Yakin

Director: Boaz Yakin

Cast: Jason Statham, Catherine Chan, James Hong, Chris Sarandon

Forced to remember a complicated code Mei (Catherine Chan), a twelve-year-old Chinese immigrant finds herself in hot water running from rival gangs seeking the knowledge held in her tiny head.  Fearing for her life she makes a daring escape that leads her to Luke Wright (Jason Statham) a former fighter with a checkered past who comes to her aid in her darkest hour. The duo sets off on a whirlwind adventure running from gangs, crooked agents and the police all of which are willing to anything to get to her. This action packed adventure is filled with great fight scenes, memorable one liners and of course extreme car chases. Modeled after the action films of the eighties and nineties the film is a violent romp through New York City.

In the tradition of stars like Bronson, VanDam and Stallone, Statham rules the fight scenes with hilarious one liners and memorable phrases. The movie shows a softer more comedic side to the “Transporter” star, but don’t expect a complete 180, Statham retains his usual surly demeanor despite the occasional smile or two.  His co-star, in her first major movie role, holds her own as a wise beyond her years sidekick who is anything but a mere damsel in distress. A fun entertaining film from start to finish it is well worth the trip to the theaters, in fact is one of the few movies in recent years that you may actually want to add to your DVD or Blu-Ray collection once it is released.  While there is a young lead in the film, the subject matter and language may be a bit much for the little ones under 10. Don’t go to this film expecting a heart warming father daughter movie, instead go to this film and expect a thrill a minute old fashioned action flick.

SAFE hits theaters this Friday, April 27th, 2012

Here is a preview: