Fruit Of The Loom Delivers Comfort for 2012

There’s nothing more uncomfortable than the wrong underwear. Bunching riding and sagging can be a major annoyance, not to mention unattractive. Luckily Fruit Of the Loom has dedicated its existence to comfortable breathable undergarments for the whole family. Once thought of as a simple brand offering  just the basic solid black white and grey Loom has expanded its reach in the last few years to include fashionable prints colors and styles. From boy shorts to briefs Fruit of the Loom keeps you cute and comfortable thanks to years of comprehensive research.

We spent a great afternoon reviewing the newest pieces to their lineup. The cocktail party served as a preview of the season’s prints colors and cuts. One of the most sought after items was the Racerback sports bra. The soft cotton feels like your favorite tee and is both light and breathable. The sports bra is one piece in the “Fresh” collection. The pieces are colorful fn and perfect for summer. The brand also partnered with Old Navy and created the “softest” collection of men’s tees, briefs, boxer briefs and boxers. The pieces feature high quality cotton a plush waistband and are tagless for maximum comfort. In addition to  the exclusive deal with Old Navy, the company also partner with Walmart on several items only found at the superstore. Exclusive items aside you can purchase most items at your local Kmart,Target and