Ford Motors and Adran Grenier Present Sustainability with Style

Earth day may have been over a week ago, but the initiative to preserve natural resources and save the earth is a year round cause. Over the last few years in light of the growing popularity and necessity of Eco-friendly products many of the world’s retailers have put million of dollars into research and subsequently the development of green products and services. Ford Motors recently partnered with Actor/Musician Adrian Grenier and SHFT.COM co founder Peter Glatzer on a documentary series showcasing the work of 10 entrepreneurs who provide products for a sustainable lifestyle.  On the eve of the Tribeca Film Festival we were delighted to spend the evening with Ford and, celebrating their collaboration and catching a glimpse of the documentary and some of the “green” products.

Adrian Grenier, Peter Ford and Paul Glatzer by Amy Sussman (AP Images/ford)

When considering Eco-friendly product one may logically picture reusable shopping bags and low voltage light bulbs. Environmentally sound products have come a very long way and now include items such as audio equipment, furniture and sneakers. We adored these sneakers by New Balance, which are made of recycled materials.

New Balance Sneakers

The biggest product innovation of the evening was Ford’s 2013 Fusion.  This sleek powerful vehicle is powered by electricity as well as gas. The interior for the Fusion is also eco smart as it is made up of recycled plastics, carpeting and renewable resources such as soy bean and wheat straw.

2013 FORD Fusion

Along with the  documentary and lesson in sustainable products guests were treated to a performance by the Honey Brothers. The bluesy rock quintet was created by lifelong friends in an effort to get more “joy” out of life. The music created by the simple declaration is an honest and sincere sound borne of creativity and not the quest for monetary gain. The band’s lineup includes Grenier, who is not the lead singer but the drummer, a surprising twist to say the least but one which embodies the band’s signature style of laughing in the face of convention. The group provided a boost of rock fueled energy to revelers, capping off an exciting evening of shared knowledge and the art of sustainability.