Review: The DL at 95 Delancey Street

The Break Down

Location: The DL 95 Delancey Street

Cuisine: Eclectic International Cuisine

Items: 3 cocktails, 6 tapas plates.

Best Dish: The “Crock of Lamb” is not to be missed, our favorite dish of the evening.  If you’re not into lamb we suggest the mac and cheese, amazing!

Cost: $145 (with 20% gratuity)

Overall:  Casual luxury and designer cuisine, a great space for  lovers and close friends.  The soft lighting and close seating are ideal for a great date or a low-key night with a close knit group. Not really a space for the kiddies or your loud boisterous friends, the space is far too sophisticated for shouting matches and games of peekaboo.

If you’re a beginner foodie tapas is your new best friend. The Spanish staple is a great way to experience a wide assortment of dishes in one sitting.  Tapas by definition is a selection of small appetizers or snacks usually served in a lounge or bar setting and shared among friends. Over the last few years Tapas bar have cropped up all over the country, each with a unique assortment based on local tastes and interests. We had the pleasure of visiting a great new Tapas lounge this past week on the lower east side.  Just a few short blocks from the Bowery and at the center of Delancey street, The DL, stands as a grand example of the new tapas. The menu here is a variety pack of dishes exploring the world’s most recognizable foods as well as some new favorites.

Our evening began as most great evenings do, with a round of premium cocktails. As a new space with an ever-changing menu the exclusive drink menu was not yet available. Luckily our lovely server Lauren was able to concoct a fruity confection she called “Coco Not Loco”.  This sweet treat is a dessert in a glass, the flavors of coconut and citrus are like an instant getaway.

Next up we ordered the slider. This moist beefy morsel is served up with mini fries, cheese and pickles.

We simply had to try the “Crock of Lamb”.  This is a savory Lamb Moussaka served in a mini pot and topped with warm pita bread.  Easily our favorite dish this ground lamb stew with potatoes and carrots is not to be missed.

You can’t go wrong with mac and cheese, especially when you add bits of thick cut bacon.  The combination of creamy cheese and salty bacon is simply divine.  If you’re not into bacon, feel free to customize your mac with lobster truffles or several of the eateries other options.

Beef lovers will rejoice at the sight of DL’s Steak Frites, a light and tasty dish of Beef Carpaccio, celery root puree, micro greens and waffled potatoes.

Carnivores should also sample the “Bamboo Skewered Meat Trio”. Pork chicken and beef skewers artfully prepared and presented in individual sauces to compliment each cut of meat.

We ended our foodie quest with the “Lobster Crack”, and yes it is as addictive as it sounds. Succulent lobster claws and knuckles are sautéed in vermouth and presented with a tomato base.

Whatever you are into the DL has an option that fits your taste buds. From grilled cheese to “Truffle Pops” this downtown bar has something for everyone.  As a dimly lit bar it is unfit for the little ones, however the soft lighting and ambiance are perfect for date night or a quick bite with friends.   As a newly opened venue the time to visit is now, don’t wait until its destiny is fulfilled and it becomes one of NYC’s most sought after venues.  The friendly staff, top shelf cocktails, and amazing decor add to the overall dining experience making DL a space not to be missed, but don’t keep it on the down low, treat it like tapas and share!