A Conversation with Joe Galaxy

Joe Galaxy has an infectious genre bending sound that shows influences of pop, rock, techno and hip-hop, and was recently signed by music impresario Renegade Foxxx. In addition to his music, Joe has also conquered the modeling world and is an accomplished actor having appeared in several commercials and TV shows. Much like Renegade, Galaxy is also very passionate about charity work, sponsoring and supporting, Hogar de Ninas Madre Albertina, a girl’s orphanage in Nicaragua. We had the pleasure of speaking with Joe Galaxy about his upcoming album, charity work, style, and much more.

John Simon Daily: How does your sound differ from other artist?

Joe Galaxy: My sound is different from other artist because I AM Inter-Galactic channeling pure energy from the source of all that is, and all that will be like Rihanna, Madonna, Led Zepplin, Nirvana. Yeah, my sound is futuristic with the music and vocal delivery but the lyrics have real hip-hop roots. So rave kids at Ultra love the techno dance feel, but hip-hop heads feel my rhymes and smooth flow. I’d say my sound is out there, a little crazy and unique like me, lol, but like Bankroll is perfect for clubs, college radio, where it topped the charts, and major radio too. Let’s call it, pop rap that’s so unique it still feels underground. I’ve got mad respect for top artist like Renegade Foxxx, Flo Rida, Lil’ Wayne and Will.I.Am who are killin’ it too with dope sounds like this…just go to iTunes and Download “Bankroll” and you’ll know what I mean.

JSD: How would you describe your music to someone that is listening to you for the first time?

JG: My music is best described by Success. Positivity with an Edge. Pure Energy like food for your soul. Bankroll is addictive because it has a hot hot beat that’s fun and a positive message. My music is fun, I like to make music about success, fun, and positivity. The science and art of the perfect fusion, that’s why “futuristic” is in a word its description. I AM the future. At the same time, some of my new songs on my upcoming album will be more Dance and some will be more Hip-Hop but always fun and futuristic. I invite you to visit my website: JoeGalaxy.net and Fan me on Facebook to stay up with me and check out my new sounds.

JSD: What does “positivity with edge” mean to you?

JG: Well I’m a very positive person and my message is positive. Man becomes what he thinks about all day long. Belief in myself is the core of all that I AM. But, I would have to admit to being a little crazy to put it mildly, hahaha, loving to have fun, taking risks, and sometimes just being wild. So “Positivity with an Edge” is a great description of who Joe Galaxy is. Let’s have fun and get wild, but let’s get it, and achieve our goals, so there is a little, thin, skinny, string attached to me that keeps me buoyed to the through line of building success. Nothing silences the doubters and haters more than success. Shhhhh! Health, Wealth, and Love are my drugs. Love and Money are my Currency. Long gone are the days of thugs. It’s a new era of positivity and affluence. Let’s push it to the edge where people get scared, my fear is my friend.

JSD: Which of the following do you love more: Music, Acting, or Modeling?

JG: I love music the most because music is the answer. Music is the perfect medium for sharing energy and making a positive impact that is fun and I can do Joe Galaxy true to myself. Music inspires everyone. Name one person who doesn’t like music. Everyone loves music. But, I love modeling not 2nd but as an extension of my music. Success, love, and being hot are what I’m about, so my style says this all the time. My style is art and another expression of love and power. Plus, I like to look hot for my fans and myself. Know what I’m sayin’. I love acting and can’t begin to express my love/hate respect for this craft. Haha! I would say, stage acting is my favorite acting and stage comedy acting. But I look forward to doing some interesting movie projects in the future. Acting requires a total commitment and immersion to create a character that tells something interesting about the human condition. I find this fun and interesting because I am way beyond a human being, from a Galaxy at the Central Universe, haha.  You can check out my website and send me an email and say, whassup! I love being funny even though I’m not that funny, lol.

JSD: What can we expect from your upcoming debut album?

JG: My debut album is going to be a monster. I have songs that are more fusion, more energy, and more fun. But, I also have some pure dance tracks and some hip-hop tracks. Each song is being carefully crafted as a banger. My goal is to make a classic album. I’m gonna do it, I have all the ingredients to cook it up real nice. I’m excited! I have the team and family like Renegade Foxxx who is not just an amazing artist, but also a great producer. So only fire will see the light of day from our studio sessions. Stay tuned! Follow me on Twitter: JoeGalaxy1 to stay up with me.

JSD: You’re a stylish guy, How would you describe your personal style?

JG: My personal style is fashion forward. Gotta have your fashion game right. My style is diverse but always hot. I can be urban one minute chillin’ in the studio, then I can show up at an event with my ascot and a dope jacket. My style as a person is chill but I’m all about getting things done. When I workout I rock Lululemon workout clothes. My style is another form of expression to me an art. It’s an opportunity be creative just like acting and music. My style goes together with my music. The best way to see my style is through photos on my website.

JSD: Who are some of your musical influences?

JG: This is a big question for me: Beethoven, Mozart, Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, Nirvana, Paul Oakenfold, Wu Tang Clan, N.W.A. Tupac, Dre., Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Rihanna, Madonna, Renegade Foxxx, so many more…

JSD: Why is Hogar de Ninas Madre Albertina so important to you and how can fans get involved?

JG: Thank you so much for asking this question. My goal with this girl’s orphanage would be that a number of you great, caring, and loving humans reading this would send these beautiful girls your love in the form of emails, letters, a donation no matter how small, it helps, and go there to Nicaragua and visit them and get involved. Giving comes back multiplied and these girls are amazing, energetic, and positive and they deserve it. If my fans would like to get involved here is the contact info for the Sister in charge of the Catholic Orphanage:

Hogar Madre Albertina Casa de Las Ninas
Sister Ligia Rodríguez Director

email: sorligia@gmail.com
phone: 011-505-8385-9055



Sor Ligia speaks a good amount of English. Better than my Spanish, lol.

JSD: What advice would you give someone looking to break into the music business?

JG: This is a great question, make sure you go hard or go home, and joints have to be fire so surround yourself with a team that will tell you if its not hot and won’t b.s. you into thinking its hot when its not. Don’t settle for less quality on every aspect of your project. Only the best is what will work, the rest will be a waste of time and money. Get with a team that believes in you and will nurture your talent but you are ultimately responsible for your destiny. There are no shortcuts, so enjoy the ride as you reach the top. Believe in yourself because your conviction will be the most persuasive thing and will make it easier for others to accept you. Hit me up on my Facebook page, if you are an artist looking to break into the music business and I’ll be glad to answer any questions that I can.

Bankroll by joegalaxy

Crazy Sexy – Clean by joegalaxy

Random questions with Joe Galaxy

Beach house or cabin?

Beach house! I live at the beach now!

Vanilla or chocolate?

Vanilla, but one Love to my chocolate ladies.

Winter or Summer?


Under water or high in the sky?

Underwater is cool but I’m high in the sky.

Lil Kim or Nicki Minaj?

Nicki Minaj all day every time. Nicki, I love you, let’s make beautiful music together!

Comedy or Horror?

Comedy. I am fortunes fool.

Texting or Calling?

Calling is the real.

Blondes or Brunettes?

Blondes have more fun. Can I get those digits?

*Special thanks to Joe Galaxy for speaking with us!

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