Honor Fall/Winter 2012 Collection

The strength of feminine quality filled up the runway of Giovanna Randall’s Honor collection.

Kristin Chenoweth and her GCB co-star Jennifer Aspen attended the show. They were wearing bright colored dresses, which directly appealed to their innate charm. Alexa Chung, British television presenter and model, was also present.

The taste of 50’s style along with the collection’s bright sophisticated color pallet caught the hearts of the audience. Their unique boxy bag added an urban flair to the look. Royal blue, magenta, and violet set the new tone of modern elegance.

This black long tailored coat with deep purple fur sleeves stood out in the collection.

The unexpected layering of sheer fabric and black silk gives a spin to these rose print dresses, the perfect mood booster for the bleak weather season.

Also, these pop colors played a big role in the show. The vibrant hue pieces with classic style silhouettes ,displayed the designer’s striking ability to see beyond our expectations.

The geometric patterns give an oriental flavor to the dresses, and its strong colors help modernize the look.

The Nars make-up team created a very subtle look so clothes stood out on the runway. All the vibrant color in the collection especially worked well with this neutral make-up.

All of Honor’s clothes are made in NYC.  The designer gives positive influence to the economy, and in addition to professional women by boosting her confidence. We can’t wait to see this newcomer’s next show!