Diet Pepsi x Christian Cota Capsule Collection + Interview

This season Diet Pepsi partnered with new CFDA inductee Christian Cota to design a capsule collection inspired by the brand’s imagery throughout the years.

I got a chance to sit down and chat briefly with Christian.

How did this collaboration with Pepsi come about?

COTA: I had a conversation with Pepsi and they told me what they were looking for and what excited me about it was the access to the research imagery. Tons of pictures thought the 1900s. How you could see the history of art. How Pepsi was always pushing the envelope and being cool and new and pushing young talent.

Tell me about the designs.

COTA: I chose the 60s 70s & 80s. Ultimately I didn’t want them to be too literal, I wanted them to be relevant and new. For the 60s plaid, for the 70s bohemian and for the 80s the off the shoulder sweater.

Did you feel pressure to incorporate the logo?

COTA: I did but I didn’t want to be literal about it. Not in your face. For the 60s the shift dress it is like a packaging box. For the 70s one dress has stretched letters that spell Pepsi the other has logos I found on an old poster. For the 80s the jean has little logos in color block. There is a fifth look to be unveiled at my show.

Lastly, you were recently inducted into the CFDA. How do you feel?

COTA: It’s great especially because now i have a group to support me and I go to all these meetings and am always aware of what is happening. I feel more a part of the community which is great in times like this of high stress and it’s good to be able to call other designers. They are so supportive whenever I have a question I can call them and they have my back. It’s great!