Sundance 2012: Oakley Learn to Ride Suite + League of Super Fast Things

Stars hit up Park City this year for Sundance 2012, while Kate Bosworth and Bruce Willis hit the red carpet for their films, some celebs including Ryan Kwanten and funny man Justin Long decided to hit the mountain and brave the blizzard at Oakley Learn to Ride. After spending the day on the mountain, a tired Long later refueled with Muscle Milk Cookies and Cream.

Lil Jon was up and down mountain with Oakley pros Dingo and Danny Kass yet found time  bragged to Continental Tires about his old school pimped out ride.  Also spotted hitting up Oakley and picking up the new AT&T tablet was Anne Heche, Aaron Paul, Laura Prepon, Andie McDowell, Sal Masakela  and others.

Hangover 2 Star, Jamie Chung ran into NCSI LA’s Eric Christian Olsen who was happy to announce he was going to the Grammys as co-star LL Cool J’s date! New parents Mario Lopez and Courtney Mazza, took a break from baby Gia to have some fun of their own.

The lucky couple picked some brand new Continental Tires to pimp out their rides and an AT&T who Tablet where they said they wanted video baby gia and their puppies with Go-pro cameras The health conscious stars also opted out of the pizza and refuled with Muscle Milk cookies n cream.