DIFFA Honors David Rockwell


Once in a great while someone truly deserving is honored by their peers.  New York based Architect and designer David Rockwell is one who is truly worthy of praise and admiration.  On November 9th Rockwell was the person of honor at a grand cocktail party sponsored by DIFFA.  The charitable agency, Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS, (DIFFA), honored Rockwell for his unyielding commitment to their core values and ideals.  As chairman Rockwell has worked tirelessly for the organization helping to provide direct care for people living with HIV as well as preventative education.  The moving tribute was held in the amazing IAC building.  The venue itself an artistic tribute with its interesting pieces and structures through out.  Guests on the event enjoyed cocktails as well as an assortment of appetizers, including a very sampling of olive oil and basil ice cream cones.

The event was hosted by DIFFA board member Whoopi Goldberg who shared her irreverent humor with the delighted party goers. Along with Goldberg guests also enjoyed a video tribute , that showcased the many talents and achievements of Rockwell, including the many initiatives and projects Rockwell has worked on in his years as chairman.  The man of the hour was also treated to a serenade by one of his favorite musicians Kerry Butler of Broadway fame.  The event served as a token of appreciation for a life lived in service to others. Rockwell as well as his colleagues at DIFFA, provide a stellar example of the influence and power of the artistic community, and we applaud their efforts.  To learn the many ways you can lend your support to DIFFA, please visit www.DIFFA.org