Review: Brunch Upstairs at the Kimberly Hotel

The Breakdown

Location: The Kimberly Hotel/Penthouse Level 145 East 50th Street NYC  212 702 1600

Cuisine: Eclectic American

Items: 5 Dishes, 5 beverages

Best Dish: You have to have the Kobe burger, arguably one of the best in the city.

Cost: $106 (with 20% tip)

Overall:  Laid back atmosphere beautiful decor, its affordable luxury and simply delish.

The city that never sleeps, often takes a laid back approach to the weekend.  Saturdays and Sundays are reserved for bike rides, park visits and of course brunch. With weekends being the ideal time to wake up too late for just cold cereal and too tired for lunch the hybrid meal is ideal for consumption. With thousands of options to choose from where do you go for a quality meal and casual atmosphere? If you’re smart , you’ll head to one of our favorite spot “Upstairs” at the Kimberly Hotel.  Though the space is prized for its delicious small plate service and evening cocktails, they also offer a divine brunch menu that is simply perfection. We found our way to this lovely roof top oasis and introduced ourselves to a few of their options.

When brunching one must begin with a proper beverage. Mimosa and Bloody Mary are deliciously light beverages that are just right for pre-evening libation.  The mimosa was chilled just right and featured fresh squeezed orange juice. The Bloody Mary, (courtesy of the tableside custom bloody mary cart) held a spicy kick that definitely wakes up more than your taste buds.

For a more breakfast than brunch option sample the rich buttery “Brioche French Toast”. This dish is served with a tasty black berry salad and real maple syrup.

The scrambled eggs with tomato and grilled marguez is another great option.  I am typically very picky when it comes to egg preparation but these were done beautifully.  The eggs were soft, tomatoes fresh and sweet and the grilled sausage a spicy treat.

Eggs Benedict is a traditional brunch staple.  This hearty open-faced egg sandwich can be served to suit your tastes.  Try is with a lean Canadian bacon.  The rich hollandaise sauce adds a savory decadence to the dish.

Far a more adventurous experience try the “Truffled Duck Egg Toast, Duck Prosciutto and Gruyère Cheese”. The sweet buttered toast and duck are a magnificent paring.

If you never have another burger you must have the “Kobe Burger” This beefy masterpiece is served on a toasted bun with melted white cheddar, avocados and grilled red onions.  The meat is tender and juicy, this is not your average burger. Trust us once your palate gets a taste of this no other burger will do.

Upstairs is a sensory paradise with beautiful decor, expertly presented plates, lively music and flavorful dishes.  Not only will you leave satisfied but pleasantly surprised at how relatively inexpensive it is.  Five dishes, each with a mimosa or bloody mary cost under one hundred dollars, making Upstairs an ideal space for all your weekend brunching needs and one more thing to look forward to after Friday