Yuna Yang Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

As I climb to the top floor of the Chelsea Art Museum to Yuna Yang’s show, I am enticed with assorted balloons and a jazz trio whose notes bounce from the hardwood floors to the lofted ceiling. The show is titled “Magic”, and when the bite-size rainbow cupcakes are served, their absurd proportions immediately remind me of Alice in Wonderland when she eats the cookie that turns her into a giant. Conversely, I am quickly sobered by the reality that this tasty but despicably small baked good is my lunch. Alas, life during New York fashion week.

Guests are directed to one side of the room, and the show begins. Yang begins with a silk organza flower suit in a color she uses throughout the collection and describes as “shocking blue”. She continues with this femininity through ruffles, organza, tulle, lace, and flowers all in bright pastels. Crystal encrusted dragonflies are used to decorate one particularly dream-like dress and to maintain her signature of implementing sparkling embellishments.

Another highlight was when a short suit jacket appeared that gave the impression of being two pieces: a turquoise vest over a white jacket. Elements like this kept the collection modern while evoking sixties surrealism, colors, and style. Perhaps there was something in that cupcake, but the white of the jacket compounded with the white ruffled tuxedo shirt worn underneath made me believe this model was playing the White Rabbit. When I explained my interpretation to Yang, she embraced it loving that her garments inspire fantasy and mystery.