John Varvatos Star USA: A Fragrance For Today’s Man

A Varvatos man is one of distinction and style.  He is a rebel, who wears his eccentricities like a badge of honor, laughing in the face of convention living life on his own terms.  His look is one of ease and contentment.  Never fussy or over done.  His scent is a calling card, and is as unique as he is. John Varvatos Star USA is the latest product in the John Varvatos dynasty.  Bloggers and industry insiders spent a lovely evening welcoming this new product into the line.  Held in a dimly lit private room at the Ace Hotel in NYC the event featured passing cocktails and edibles as well as live models decked out in Varvatos’ Fall 2011 apparel.

The pieces worn by the models will also be featured in the fall campaign starring hip hop band “The Roots”.

Attendees were also treated to a presentation by the man of the hour, who gave the inside scoop on his process and the delicious fragrance.  To call this a manly scent is to put it mildly; The combination of elements  is an intriguing mix that utilizes signature notes such as leather and wood but adds elements of fruits and florals for a unique aroma. In addition to the cologne itself, careful consideration was utilized in selecting a bottle and in packaging.  The bottle is a testament to the scent itself, a chrome and black bottle with a unique opening reminiscent of old canteens and flasks.

Hear more about the fragrance from the man himself…

John Varvatos Star USA will be available as 50ml EDT and 100ml EDT, along with perfumed deodorant stick 75 ml. The fragrance will hit stores this fall.