Organic Avenue: Model Anthony Anderson’s ‘Lifestyle for Beauty’

Organic Avenue hosted an evening full of insight and alternate approaches towards a healthier life with model Anthony Andersons ‘LifeStyle for Beauty’. Not only was the young man a wealth of information but his compelling journey is a definite recipe for keep more money in everyone’s pockets in the long run. It didn’t hurt additionally, that his wit and charm enchanted his audience. One could hear a pin drop as all eyes and ears were in full focus.

Anthony began the evening with a brief introduction into his journey. He then progressed to food, exercises for both the mind and body, gardening to save ourselves with food forests and permaculture, as well as conscious green living with guided meditations and tips on how to take our lives to the next level. He pursued this lifestyle because his work warranted that he stay in the best shape. He started as a way of liberating himself from being sick and subsequently commenced documenting the transition from consuming factory processed foods to eating raw (‘live’-plants, nuts, fruits) foods in 2007. His evolution, forced him to journey between Minnesota and New York while modeling so he could nurture the greenhouse he built and before he knew it he had the most spectacular effects.

More people are tuning in now compared to five or ten years ago. People started listening because he models but they have in turn revealed that a lot of people are indisputably at an amazing time of awakening. Nevertheless, I was more interested in his ability to empower men of all ages to this healthier lifestyle since most men swear by meat. He retorted that people on a whole tend to value how they look a lot more than how they feel… especially. Being vegan myself, I was no stranger to the increase rate of prostate cancer and heart attacks being linked to our diets. Anthony supplemented further that he hasn’t been sick in years and says if we put in the time that we will indeed see the results. The main advantage too is that women love when their men look good.

The highlight of the evening for me was the sampling of Anthony’s custom made smoothies. It was sunflower vanilla protein, pumpkin seeds, vanilla stevia, spirulina and water. It was a green delight and the taste was right.

You are an immense champion and model for this gift called life Anthony……you are the man!!!

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