Birra Moretti Pop-Up il Pranzo Café: Bringing Italy to America

It may be no surprise to hear that Americans are more stressed than their Italian counterparts and a new study serves up several possible reasons why. A recent survey conducted by Birra Moretti, Italy’s leading beer, points to the conclusion that taking time for lunch may lead to less stress. The brand learned that nearly one out of three Americans said they don’t ever leave their workplace when it’s time to eat lunch. In comparison, 100 percent of Italians reported taking lunch every single day, 79 percent of which ate lunch outside of the workplace. In fact, Americans that reported never taking lunch were almost three times more likely to say they were “very stressed” than those that do take lunch.

Birra Moretti came up with a clever idea! To encourage Americans to get out and enjoy their lunchtime, Birra Moretti launched Birra Moretti Pop-Up il Pranzo Cafés, a series of summertime lunch events in New York. The pop up will offer New Yorkers a chance to relax and enjoy great conversation and great food with friends during il Pranzo (lunch), the most important meal of the Italian day, the way the Italians do.

Each pop-up café will take place at a unique venue in New York City. The locations will be designed to resemble a traditional trattoria in Italy and will encourage a long and leisurely lunchtime experience.

Each pop-up café will also feature an authentically Italian four-course meal prepared by a notable chef to pair perfectly with Birra Moretti Lager and Birra Moretti La Rossa. Guests can enjoy the good Italian food, a cold Moretti and the relaxing environment with colleagues, family, and friends without any rush – the café will open for lunch for four full hours.

Birra Moretti matches perfectly with authentic Italian cuisine, like risottos and pasta, white meat main courses and delicately-flavored cheese.

John Simon Daily attended the first of four Birra Moretti Pop-Up il Pranzo Café at Cabanas at the Maritime Hotel. The menu was created by Chef Bart Retolatto of La Bottega late last month and had the most relaxing experience. Wonderful host, laughter with friends, and delicious food. We highly recommend this pop-up.

Three more events will take place on Fridays throughout the summer at various New York locations. Tickets can be purchased at

For more information on Birra Moretti Pop-Up il Pranzo Cafés visit

UPDATE: The next Pop up will take place on Friday, July 22nd at 3pm; at Adrienne Pizza Bar 54 Stone Street New York, NY. You won’t want to miss it.